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Security Statement

Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. values the security of your information. Please help us maintain the security of your information.

Providing personal information.

Our website does not collect or request that you provide personal information, except at our online application pages. On these pages, you are prompted for some of the initial information we need in order to advise you on your mortgage needs. The information is gathered through secure “https:” pages, which on most browsers will display a closed padlock icon ( or similar) in the URL/address or status bar. These pages use “Secure Socket Layer” technology to protect the transmittal of your information. Your responses to the application questions are not stored on our website server, but are sent to our secure loan system server.

Your computer may store information from web forms that you submit, so it is always wise to completely exit your browser when you have completed the form, and re-open your browser for any other uses.

Avoid regular email for confidential information.

Information that you send to us by regular email is not secure, so we recommend that you do not send sensitive information—like Social Security Numbers and personal financial information—in this manner. We can contact you through secure, encrypted email, and make it possible for you to submit confidential information securely.

Keep good habits.

We recommend that for your security, you regularly observe good habits like these:

• Suspect emails requesting confidential information. Until you have established a working relationship with an RMS Loan Officer, you won’t receive requests for confidential information over unencrypted email, so steer clear of responding to those requests. If you have doubts, call us before responding by email. Be wary about hyperlinks in these emails, or using the “Reply” feature of your email software.
• Use current versions of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.). Browsers are frequently updated to provide greater security to users.
• Use current and updated anti-virus and other protective software to reduce the likelihood of a breach. There are both paid and free programs available to provide this protection.

For other useful information, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s informative website,

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